Signature Session

Maternity | Family | One-Year 

The Signature Session is a lifestyle photography session that will last 1-1.5 hours at the location of your choosing. The session is relaxed, fun, and goes at the pace of your family. 

Two weeks after your session, you will get a link to your online gallery. You can download the entire gallery, share it with family and friends for them to download, buy prints from a professional lab at seriously discounted prices, or just keep it as a bookmark on your phone to sneak peeks when you need a pick me up at work.

There will be at least 40 high-resolution images in there, and they are all yours, forever and ever. 


Newborn Session

The Newborn Session is a relaxed, peaceful lifestyle session that will happen in the comfort of your home before your baby turns one-month-old. If the new baby has any siblings (fur or human), they are welcome to be included, and in fact, I highly recommend it. We will block a two-hour chunk of time for your session to ensure time for any feedings, diaper changes or fussiness. 

Two weeks after your session, you will get a link to your online gallery. You can download the entire gallery, share it with family and friends for them to download, buy prints from a professional lab at seriously discounted prices, or save images onto your phone so you'll always be able to see your baby at work, in line at Target, or even when they are sleeping right besides you but you miss them so much it hurts. 

There will be at least 50 high-resolution images in your gallery, and they are all yours, forever and ever. 


Expectant Mom Bundle

This package includes a 30 minute mini maternity session as well as a full newborn session within your little one’s first month! The maternity mini will happen at one of three amazing locations in Marin County and the newborn session will occur in the comfort of your home. As a mom, I know how important it is to document this fleeting time, and I also know that it’s almost impossible to remember to do that when we have a brand new human to care for. This package makes everything easy-peasy.

We schedule your newborn and maternity session long before your new addition comes on the scene, and make sure everything is ready to go. That way, when the time comes, all you have to do is snuggle with your baby in the comfort of your own home, and I’ll do the rest! It doesn’t hurt that it comes at a killer discount!


What to Expect

Your session with me will be relaxed, flexible and most importantly, fun. If you have kids, I will do anything to make them laugh, and you better bring your goofy pants with you, because that includes using the funniest person in their lives- you! In fact, kids or no kids, expect to be silly, because that's kind of my M.O. 

We will go at the pace of your family to make sure we get pictures of every combination of family members and everyone individually in a way that is authentic to them and your relationships with one another. 

Then, two weeks later, you will open up a link to images on a screen of your family's real smiles and snuggles and you will get to keep all of those images, each and every one- forever. 

Sound like something that's up your alley? Then contact me here to book!


Frequently Asked Questions

So, what is lifestyle photography?
Lifestyle photography is defined as ‘a kind of photography which mainly aims to capture portrait/people in situations, real-life events or milestones in an artistic manner and the art of the everyday. The primary goal is to tell stories about people’s life or to inspire people in different times.’ For me, this means that the focus is completely on your and your family. Real smiles, real emotions, the real you. 

What if I don’t know what to do or don’t feel comfortable getting my picture taken?
Leave that to me! While I do want to make sure we capture your family ‘for real’ on camera, I’m on hand to help us get there. Standing in front of a camera with someone you’ve never met is, by nature, a little weird. My goal is to have all of that melt away in five minutes flat. I will prompt you, play games with you and your children, and step out of the way when a soft, quiet moment is occurring- all the while making sure you are in flattering positions and light so when the perfect moment comes, we are ready!  Years of experience, plus two children and a husband of my own, have taught me how to handle anything that comes my way to make sure that no matter how shy or awkward you may feel at the beginning, that we all feel like long-lost friends by the end. I’ll be damned if every one of your children don’t run up to me for big hugs by the end of your session. One of my littlest clients even calls me ‘auntie’.

I have a toddler/less-than-enthused husband/moody tween. Are you sure you can handle them?
I have two children who are less than two years apart, who are polar opposites in every way, but are somehow both insane little balls of chaos. I dare you to beat the crazy I’ve seen. I meant it- let’s swap stories. I can guarantee that no matter what is happening with your child, I’ve been there. I am in the parenting trenches with you. More importantly, capturing joy on film is my job, and it has been for 5 years. I’ve seen a lot of tantrums, a lot fussy babies and a lot of cranky dads walk out of their cars at the start of their sessions. I’ve never had a session end without real, genuine, sweet, bursting with joy emotion on my memory card. I will do whatever it takes to get that to happen and I have an arsenal of tricks up my sleeve for every age and every situation. I will warn you, you may have to hear me sing a Disney Junior song, and it’s probably going to be terrible, but it will get your kid to smile, and your images don’t have sound. Thank god.

What if my baby is cranky or has colic?
Unlike with my other subjects, I can’t distract or play my way out of a cranky mood with a baby, but I can give them time. Time with you, time to eat, time to cuddle with you alone. Newborn sessions are longer for that very reason. The amazing things about babies is that given a little time, a little food, or a little change in environment, their mood will improve. I never rush my newborn sessions, or schedule anything immediately after them for this very reason. You will have the time you and your baby need to capture every single incredible newborn moment during our session.

What about location? Will you help me choose it? What if it rains? What if it’s crowded? What if….
There are some stunning locations in the Bay Area, make no mistake about it. I’ve photographed a ton of them and have a list in my proverbial pocket a mile long for you to choose from. I will talk you through your location options based on killer light, the vibe of your family, what you like to do, and what you feel is your vision for the session. However, the location does not make the photos- you do! Sure, we will choose the best location we possibly can for your family, and I will be there every step of the way for that process, but if it’s crowded or a little misty, or a film crew is filming in that exact spot we wanted, do not worry. Without fail, no matter what the location, your favorite picture will be one of your entire family, laughing your heads off or snuggling with one another, or your husband giving you a loving look while you play with your kids- and that picture can happen anywhere.  So no matter what the location or the situation, come with the emotional equivalent of the heart-eye emoji radiating from you to your family and we will nail it every time.

Will you help me with what to wear?
You betcha. I have mood boards for each type of session to give you some inspiration, recommendations for great clothing stores that won’t break the bank and always look awesome, and I’m always a text or a call away if you still aren’t quite sure if something looks right. For newborn sessions, I’ll also help give you a color palate and some additional items to have on hand that make newborn photos look extra heavenly.

When should I book my session?
As soon as possible. My calendar books up quickly, and the only way to secure your spot is by officially booking with a deposit and contract. Once that’s in, you have a spot and even if your session needs to be rescheduled for some reason, you will have priority and we will fit you in. For fall sessions, my calendar books at least two months out and I’m usually completely full for October and November by the time September 1st rolls around, so make sure you schedule your family photos earlier rather than later.

How do you schedule newborn session when we don’t know when they will arrive?
If you book before deliver, we will block two dates off based on your due date. Once the baby comes, you can see how you feel and when you delivered, and we will choose the one that works best with your family. If scheduling a session just didn’t happen before the baby was born, that’s okay, too. Contact me ASAP and we will work together to find something that works!

I work during the week, can we do our session on the weekend?
Of course! I shoot almost exclusively on weekends. You can see my full availability for family, maternity and couples sessions here and newborn sessions here.

Where do you work? Do you charge travel fees?
I am based in Marin and regularly shoot both in Marin and in San Francisco. As long as your session is within San Francisco county or Marin county limits, no travel fee applies. I do travel to the North Bay including Napa and Sonoma, the East Bay and the Peninsula, however, a $50 travel fee applies to those locations. Unfortunately, I no longer travel to San Jose, but I’m happy to meet you in the middle if you live there!

I’m not ready to book my session yet, but I know I will be in the future. How do I keep up to date?
Whether you want a holiday mini session, or a newborn session but you aren’t pregnant yet- I know it’s not always the right time right now. I highly recommend subscribing to my newsletter here if you are interested in my work. I send out any deals and specials I have going on, tips for photographing your own life, and my newsletter crew gets first dibs on any mini sessions or discounts I have.

I’ve heard you do some charity sessions and giveaways. What are those all about?
I do! You can find out all about my charitable giving programs here!